Ovaltine 3in1 Less Sugar, new from Ovaltine!

Ovaltine 3in1 Less Sugar is verified Healthier Choice which contains 30% less sugar while keeping the great chocolate taste from Ovaltine!

It also comes in convenient sticks that is ready to mix and packed with multivitamins and minerals.

Ovaltine 3in1 Less Sugar, healthy and tasty!

Just as healthy, just as tasty!

30% Less sugar and low in fat

Delicious taste made from high quality ingredients

Rich in multivitamins and minerals

Which Ovaltine 3-in-1 is for me?

Ovaltine 3in1 Less Sugar

Verified Healthier Choice

30% Less sugar

Healthy chocolate malt drink with high calcium

Provides essential nutrients with great taste

Convenient sticks

Ovaltine 3in1

Tasty chocolate malt drink

High in calcium

Packed with Nutri 10 which contains 10 vitamins and minerals

Convenient sticks

Try Ovaltine 3in1 Less Sugar